HOPESFALL + END + GREYHAVEN by Christopher Wiezorek

Hopesfall. Hopesfall. Hopesfall. 

Hopesfall is a band that was so meaningful to me in my early 20s. Their album Satellite Years was one of my absolute favorites upon its release, and has been in and out of rotation for me throughout my adult life. Time wore, Hopesfall changed and grew, my tastes changed and grew too, and then Hopesfall, like many other bands, called it a day. I had pretty much assumed I would never see Hopesfall again. Then the gentleman that make up Hopesfall decided it was time to return, record a new album, and play some shows. 

I saw them a number of times throughout the Satellite Years era, but had not attended any shows from A Types on to their breakup. When this show was announced I knew I couldn't miss it. I didn't know how much Satellite Years or No Wings they would play, but I knew that I was going to be there to find out. The evening was a blur. No disrespect to End or Greyhaven who opened, played very enjoyable sets, with a ton of energy, but there was no way that Hopesfall wouldn't own this evening. End and Greyhaven actually fit quite well with the reunited Hopesfall, they would have been excellent bands to accompany Hopesfall on the road during their original run.

Hopesfall had complete command of the room. They played songs from all of their eras all the way up to their new LP, Arbiter. There were no lulls to their set at all. For me, their work has aged incredibly well. Every period of their work shined. It is not often that a group you love reunites and plays their work with the vigor and spirit that made you love it in the first place. I think everyone in attendance of the shows that Hopesfall played left wildly fulfilled. It really didn't matter which era of Hopesfall was "your era," they put an evening together that those there will not soon forget.