THE BODY + BIG | BRAVE + LINGUA IGNOTA / by Christopher Wiezorek

*Busy couple of weeks here, so I am playing catch up.

On July 7th The Body came through with what may have been one of the most complete tours of the summer. Lingua Ignota put on one of the most breathtaking shows I've seen in a long time. Hyperbole aside, Lingua Ignota's set took place in front of the stage, on the floor of Saint Vitus. Operatic vocals, mixed with black metal shrieks, industrial overtones, and string instrumentation combined for a one of a kind experience. BIG | BRAVE followed up with their usual highly locked in drone / doom / indie sounds. I have seen them before, opening for Sunn O))). They are so dialed in with each other; there is a restraint and measure to their performance that keeps things feeling like you are right on the edge of the cliff, waiting to fall off or be pulled back to safety. I had never seen The Body before this show. Lee and Chip were joined by noise artist Limbs Bin to round out their crushing set. The Body are difficult to pin down on record, and I honestly felt like seeing them live takes a willingness to throw the expectations built from hearing their recordings and throwing them right out the window. The only things their recordings really prepare you for is to expect to be aurally assaulted. The happiness exuded from the three men on stage is a beautiful contrast to the terror and devastating sounds they unleash on the audience. Dates The Body play will definitely be circled on my calendar going forward.