YOUNG WIDOWS + EMMA RUTH RUNDLE / by Christopher Wiezorek

Young Widows' tour celebrating the tenth anniversary of Old Wounds resumed at Saint Vitus Bar. They were accompanied by Emma Ruth Rundle as the opening act. Emma performed solo, mostly acoustic. She held a captivated audience for the duration of her set. Her voice commanded attention, and those in attendance gladly remained silent in what was a very memorable set. Young Widows took the stage in their signature darkness, punctuated by spotlights as the music kicks into gear. Old Wounds is a favorite record of mine, and I believe this was my third time seeing them play it the entire way through. Evan Patterson, of Young Widows, reminded the room how special it is to spend this time together, enjoying each other's company and the music that binds the band along with everyone in the room. As time rolls on, seeing Young Widows continues to become more and more special, run don't walk if you get the chance to see them.